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Is this a record?

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LOL - I just processed a SETI packet in 24.2 seconds! In the graphics it was perfectly flat with only 1 spike. Of course, the prior & next packets took a more normal 16 odd hours smiley - winkeye

no comment on the 4 & 2 digits in that time smiley - winkeye

Is this a record?

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bludragon, aka the Dragon Queen of Damogran

I seem to remember somewhere on the SETI site reading that occasionally the packets are empty or something. cant remember the actual technical reason. But that explains the short processing time.

or maybe you just have one of those new G4 Macintosh computers???
tee hee


Is this a record?

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WinDoze only here smiley - winkeye


Is this a record?

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The Mummy, administrator of the [email protected] Project (A193231) and The Reluctant Dead on the FFFF (A254314)

I have seen about ten of such "faulty work-units" so far, and maybe also a couple that I didn't notice myself (my systems keep running even when I'm away). One great thing about such work-units is: they ARE considered RESULTS, so you still get credit for having processed them, and they can really bring your "average time per work-unit" down. smiley - smiley

(My machines are also both WinDoze) smiley - smiley

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