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a little help please...

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Hmm, you may be right in that XP has something to do with it. It runs fine in Win2000.

My pedantisisim regarding the term memory leak is one that comes fromteh fact that I troubleshoot this sort of thinkg for routers firewalls etc for Cisco. A hung process does not really have anything to do with the memory (RAM) unless it is a processor memory parity error (which is not that common for computers, tho it is for routers) in the internal cache of the processor. PMPEs were the bane of my exsistance when I was on the team that dealt soley with troubleshooting crashed routers.

a little help please...

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smiley - erm It's not so much hung as it is greedy... it's not that the program is not responding or anything, just that it doesn't give up the processor after it starts.

Anyway you could be right. Wouldn't be the first time CompTIA was wrong about such a thing... smiley - winkeye I'm taking the term directly from how it applies for standard technical troubleshooting (ala very basic A+).

a little help please...

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Researcher 212528

Thanks for your insights. It isn't just XP that screws up with SETI.I haven't even tried it on this machine, (which is using XP), because I had so much trouble on previous (slower) machines using 95 through 98.
In each case the programme started off fine, but it graduaqlly got slower and slower until it locked up altogether. In each case I had to dump SETI before I could get any further use out of the machines. I tried to contact the SETI people to complain about the problems the programme created, to no avail. So I have avoided it like the plague. Pity. It was a good idea, but it's not for me.

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