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Who could possibly care about microbes? Well, we do! Here you will find the latest1 news on microbes, our very own Campaign Library, where we provide a comprehensive listing of all manner of articles about microbes at H2G2 (the articles, not the microbes), and microbiology resources from all over the internet.

Microbes in the News

(last updated 19 February 2004)

Hooray for the Microbes!

Microbes join the electronic age NEW!

Researchers in New York have discovered that certain bacteria are able to 'grow' selenium* in the form of uniform nanospheres, which has led to the question - might microbes be able to help us build smaller, faster semiconductors and electronic devices?

Vaginal microflora as HIV inhibitors?

A series of studies carried out by Dr. Peter P. Lee's laboratory at Stanford University has shown that it is possible to inhibit HIV infectivity by using a genetically-altered microbe engineered to carry a specific HIV receptor. The microbe? Lactobacillus jensenii, a bacteria commonly found in the vagina of healthy, non-menopausal women. Read more about it here.

Using microbes to clean up your dirty work

The Cold War made a mess of things when their experimentations with uranium led to contamination of water supplies. Now scientists have found ways to encourage a group of bacteria called Geobacter - whose favourite food is metal - to convert soluble uranium to insoluble uraninite. Find out more about this microbial clean-up crew.

Boo to the Microbes!

One flu over the chicken coop NEW!

The latest avian flu outbreak has led to the massive culling of chicken in Asia, especially after scientists warned that the virus could mutate to spread from person to person. Learn more about this disease.

Influenza on the rise

Influenza has been surging through the US again, with the proportion of patient visits to sentinel providers for influenza-like illness (ILI) overall being 3.2%, which is above the national baseline of 2.5%. Time to get your 'flu shots! Learn more about the outbreak here:

Influenza Summary Update
CDC News Conference Transcript: Update on Current Influenza Season

Microbes and Medicine

Antibacterial soap - good or bad? NEW!

Ever since the discovery that bacteria could develop resistance towards antibiotics, there has been some controversy as to whether antibacterial products do more harm than good. Here is the latest article concerning this issue.

Tuberculosis vaccine testing NEW!

Calling for volunteers! A new vaccine for tuberculosis will soon be tested out on humans in the United States - the first to be tested there in 60 years.

Say What Again?

The world's largest creature! NEW!

What's the world's largest living creature? The blue whale? You're not even close. Read this - the news will surprise you.

Extreme microbes

Scientists have found microorganisms in one of the most unlikely locations on earth - the South Pole! Find out more.

Small talk

Microbes can talk! (Okay, that's no longer ground-breaking news, but well...) Of course, you would never be able to hear them - they communicate by using chemicals. Check out what the University of Nottingham has learnt about them.

Many thanks to SEF and Mikey for contributing to the news section.

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Other Microbiology Resources on the Internet

1Okay, okay, maybe not the latest news, but it's what Farlander can put up when time permits.

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