Kilve Beach

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Underneath the limestone and paper like shale cliff lie thousands of rocks and pebbles. The sea crashes against them like a raging bull, making them smaller and smaller.

It is a haven of wildlife, although most is not visible. Little red spiders swarm around under fallen rocks. Earwigs and woodlice seethe inside the gaps in the shale. Seagulls glide over the landscape like small white aeroplanes.

Many dead creatures lie there too. Ammonites leave their beautiful shell patterns in the boulders. Belemnites hide their bullet shaped remains among pebbles and dinosaurs leave their mark with a footprint.

There is a great range of colours, although some have very subtle differences. There are the dull greys of the shale and slate, the rich ochre of the soil at the top of the cliff, the dull mustard yellow of the limestone. You can see the white tents of Butlins if you look west, the green of the grassy cliff top and the red of the spiders if you look very closely.

Slippery muddle rockpools amd loose rocks make climbing extremely difficult. The sea is not a welcoming sight as it is of the same murky brownness as the rockpools. Each day the rockpools and beach differ, as erosion occurs to the cliff face and rocks, and rockpools either filll up with more water, or evaporate with the heat.

Many people enjoy coming to this beach, as it is so full of fossils, and some people enjoy the challenge of the rock climbing. It is a deeply interesting and Geographical beach, as it is completely natural, and none is man-made at all.

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