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You enjoy a product, or find an item you purchased really useful. That last CD was a cracker?

So, being so inspired, you feel compelled to let others know what you thought of it and how much you think like minded people 'out-there' would appreciate it in a similar fashion.

What do you do about? Well I wrote a review for it... and several other items, posted it/them to various points north and south, and promptly forgot about them. Many eons past and I stumble across said sites. I wondered if anybody had read MY reviews, I admit to getting a bit of a buzz at finding a few had. I just had to read the comments... BIG MISTAKE!

Had they found my enthusiastic points useful, had a note of agreement been added...? nope. All I found was review's of MY review, each one a critic of my lack of this detail or that detail or comparison with other products etc, etc.

What do these people DO for a living? Please find below my reply to one such posting and Please feel free to copy, alter and paste it when you find it happening to you!!

What Am I Saying!!!!

No I refuse to change a word. 'The Review Wot I Wrote' was from the point of view of an occasional fan who enjoyed what I listened to and felt it worth a mention.

Do I Give a Dam about who cast the cd cover? Nope.

Do I give a Dam as to who produced it? Nope.

Did I enjoy LISTENING to it? Dam true I did.

So don't pontificate about with this reviewing of another's review, when I want pointers I'll buy some gun dogs.

I'm giving a personal recommendation, not being paid to boast about my knowledge of the music industry.

You want to read 'in depth' reviews? (The sort frustrated and failed wanna-be rock stars write)... go buy a magazine.

There, did I feel better after that? Oh! Yes!


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