A Conversation for Vienna, Austria


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Strange city. Positives: beautiful, good public transport, good food and entertainment, especially music.
Negatives: lots of racism (especially against Jews and Eastern Europeans).


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As I'm born in Vienna, I must agree. There is a lot of rassism in that town, and I'm deeply ashamed. On the other hand: its always the dirt, that is swept on the surface: I think, majority of Vienna's people are not more rassists like somewhere else, or even totally against rassism. The even greater shame is, that most of them don't show up, and mostly are to lazy to get up and fight this ugly face of my town!


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Don´t think about this topic a lot.....in 20 years there won´t be anything like racism in Vienna or anywhere else on the world, because then we´ll be one planet one world one race. I believe the internet and the other echnologies will help us to fulfill my-our dream smiley - smiley

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