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I have only spent one day in Vienna and the region, unfortunately. I will come back when I have time.

On arriving I was wisked from the airport to nearby hotel, to discuss the topic of the day over a couple of weizen (wheat beer). Getting very involved in the conversation, stayed up a bit too late. Had a few meetings. At the end of the day back to the airport to say goodbye with my hosts and a round of weizen.

City looks pretty cool.


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... also known as:

Kühles Blondes
Krügerl (Big Beer)
Seiderl (Small Beer)


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soft whistle

Sorry, but Kühles Blondes is more a German access to the topic than an Austrian one.
Krügerl is perfectly right for Vienna and parts of lower Austria, while in other Parts (like upper Austria and most parts of the country) they won`t understand you untill you ask for a "Halbe" (often pronounced as "Hoibe").
The smaller beer (0,33 litre) is called "Seidel" or "Seiterl" (not Seiderl as Hobbez suggests)


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I am intrigued by the subtleties of Austrian German - Arnold Schwarzenegger has a bit of an accent, but he always speaks in English in the movies. Where has he gone? was it "time to split", is he "letting off some steam". Selling US army vehicles modified for road use was an interesting idea - A few nutcases actually drive them around town looking for battlefields.


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You can call me TC

News for Hobbez and Soft Whistle as their pages aren't activated:

Circular message to all in "Who's Who"

The GMC has a new front page.


Follow the links from there. We now have an egroup (chatroom!) and lots of new
names in the Who's Who list. Take a good look and help us spread the word that the
German-speaking people are really quite nice.

If you live near enough, don't miss our get-together (near Karlsruhe) NEXT

The campaign is on for a renewal of our front page status.

This time I wouldn't mind feedback - either from here or from the GMC start page.....


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probably I'm not perfect Viennese then, but in my home pub in Wr. Neustadt Seiderl is perfectly okay and much more lower austrian than the "Meidlinger l " Seidl

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