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The millennium

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the Sleeping Scooper

So, who attended these events, then? Were they all as enjoyable as the non-functioning London Eye?

The event I went to in London was totally free, including live music and disco, 3-course meal, champagne, fags, large-screen tv/video etc. Intrigued?

The millennium

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

The seaside city of Napier, New Zealand, population 55,000, had a free beachfront concert, complete with live bands and fireworks, attended by 30,000 people.

In the morning, 5000 returned to be some of the first (a few minutes later than a couple of other places in NZ) people in the world to have an excellent view of the first sunrise of the new millennium.

Excellent stuff.

The millennium

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Odd thing - We were standing next to the Houses of Parliment (in London UK) & we couldn't hear Big Ben strike the hour - The fireworks were quite impressive, but the 'river of fire' was a complete non-event (too much hype, I think)


The millennium

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Clive: Researcher 47734

I know what you mean - I was standing in the middle of London Bridge, and there were people around me who thought the 'River of Fire' meant that they were actually going to set the whole river alight..... and these people were still standing on a bridge over said river.... the phrase 'natural selection' springs to mind....

I thought the fireworks and entertainments in London were excellent. Pity the organisers completely failed to cater to anyone but the TV cameras. Not enough loos, abysmal crowd control and useless public transport put a bit of a dent in the evening, as it took me until 5am to make it only twelve miles out into the 'burbs, and without a drink too! Also, everything stopped in London at 2.30am, where in other cities around the world they seemed to be partying until dawn. For the next millenium I think I'll have my self-contained stasis chamber moved to Sydney.

Good to have been there though.


The millennium

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Yup - The 'gather around the harbour' in sydney, does appear to have been quite a bash (one of my brothers is out in that neck of the woods)


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