Poem 6 Christmas 2006

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Christmas  Poetry  Competition   2006

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Santa's Diary: Haiku by quizzical

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Here we go again:

another flippin' Christmas.

Ho-ho-ho. Ho. Ho.

Freezing my giblets...

Global warming?? Mild winters!?!

Who are they kidding?


stupid song rattles my brain —

where's the aspirin?

The wife avoids me.

Is she plotting with the elves?smiley - elf

Naughty List for her!

Thousands of letters:

'Dearest Santa, give give give...'
**Return To Sender**

... toys toys toys toys toys

toys toys toys toys toys toys toys ...

someone make it stop...

Air Traffic Control

gives me grief over flight plans.

(Feed the reindeer beans.)smiley - evilgrin

Stuffed like a bratwurst

into a shiny red suit —

I hear the elves snort.smiley - grr

Hours in a cold sleigh

make my hæmorrhoids play up.smiley - bigeyes

Job's a pain in the ...

Cookies and milk. All

night long it's cookies and milk.

They give me heartburn.

Down the chimney — oops!

The red suit is in tatters.

Stupid Rottweiler.

Another chimney.

Alarms blare, police arrive:

another mug shot.smiley - thief

By the hearth she waits:

hot toddy, hotter ideas.smiley - mistletoe

Naughty List? Ho, ho!

No time for a smoke.

More roofs, more chimneys. No

rest for the Fat Man.

Big jobs need big men.

The name is Claus. Santa Claus.smiley - cool

I deliver toys.

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