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The Christmas Story by Lil

There has been an angel on top of our tree,

Since I was able to sit on my father's knee.

He would take us outside and point up afar.

'See? There is the Christmas star!'

'Look!' he said, pointing to the sky.

'The clouds are sheep, as they pass us by.'

Pointing to the huge trees in the garden,

'They are the Magi, the Three Wise Men.

'As you sleep tonight, they'll wander the Earth.

Before the morn, they'll have witnessed the Birth.

'For our Lord will be found, laid in a manger,

Kept free from harm and any danger.

'Bed for you all, Lil, Julie, Ray and Gray.

For tomorrow will be our Christmas Day.'

Back inside, we change for bed.

Mum ensures our prayers are said.

'Sleep, my babies, our Lord will come

Upon this Earth, His Will be done.'

The morning comes all calm and pleasant.

The excitement mounts as we open our presents.

Each year, under the tree we kneel.

Every year the angel watches our zeal.

In the manger baby Christ lay,

So we should welcome Christmas Day.

All four of us are now grown,

The Christmas story no longer our own.

For the Lord's Word has been spread,

As our children listen in their beds.

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