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The history of human science and philosophy being so fundamentally full of endeavour and standing on the shoulders of giants and such like, you would think that the inheritors of this tradition would be able to remember where they put the car keys.
I mean, they were here a moment ago.

And did I mention the ability to put together sentences. Where does that keep going? Attaching words and concepts together without saying the wrong word when you mean "organism".

It all comes down to the difference between thought and instinct. I mean, it’s all very well to distinguish yourself from the beasts because ‘we’ can think, whereas ‘they’ only do things by instinct, but when was the last time you saw a lemur wandering around a multi-level carpark muttering, “I’m sure it’s on this level somewhere,” or trying to buy an anniversary present at a 24-hour service station late, late at night?

Try this: get out of your favo(u)rite chair, walk into the other room and look around. Now say it along with me, “What am I doing in here?” It’s hauntingly familiar, n’est-ce pas?

Using this trait as an indicator of progress, or at least of evolution, leads to the logical conclusion that humankind, in its ultimate form, will only cease to stand around looking dumbfounded when it forgets to get out of the chair in the first place.

There was a point to all this but, predictably, it eludes me.

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