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Jello is a transparent and wiggly dessert-like substance. It comes in a variety of flavors, including green, yellow, blue, purple, and several finely differentiated varieties of red. Jello is sometimes cast into specific shapes, known as "molds", which are aesthetically pleasing only if your idea of beauty involves slices of mature plant ovum suspended in a translucent, brightly colored slime-like compound that wobbles at the slightest provocation. These "molds" are often found at picnics in America, where they are cheerfully ignored by everyone except the ants.

Physically, Jello is approximately halfway between being a liquid and being a solid (technically referred to as a "colloid"). It obtains this unique property from the gelatin that composes most of its mass and gives it its form. This substance was originally made by boiling the hooves of bovines in water, but is now produced via an arcane method that involves a large number of unpronouncable chemicals.

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