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Here are some very simple questions for you to ponder over. There are only ten of them, and
we have helpfully even provided the answers. All you have to do is sort out which of the three possible answers is the correct one.

If you would like to send your answers to us here at smiley - thepost we will give
you a mention in next week's edition. An email address has been handily provided for you below the


Ten Dictionary Descriptive Decisions

  1. A carnivorous nocturnal arboreal animal of central and S. America, allied to racoon. Is
    A. Spectacle Bear
    B. Kinkajou
    C. Koala

  2. An instrument with jointed rods for copying plan etc. on any scale. Is it?
    A. Contralto
    B. Jointure
    C. Pantograph

  3. Free of charge, for nothing. Is it?
    A. Immerse
    B. Gratis
    C. Payment

  4. A light spear thrown as weapon or in sports. Is it?
    A. Javelin
    B. Arrow
    C. Staff

  5. A dish of milk curdled by rennet and sweetened and flavoured. Is it?
    A. Junket
    B. Yoghurt
    C. Cream Cheese

  6. A drink of spirit with hot water and sugar. Is it?
    A. Cocktail
    B. Nightcap
    C. Toddy

  7. The division of Tertiary below Pliocene. Is it?
    A. Miocene
    B. Jurassic
    C. Semolina

  8. The point of heavens directly above observer. Is it?
    A. Sky
    B. Zenith
    C. Moon

  9. Any numeral from 0 to 9, finger or toe. Is it?
    A. Number
    B. Calculus
    C. Digit

  10. Mixed fruit or vegetables esp. cut up small or in jelly. Is it?
    A. Salad
    B. Macedoine
    C. Trifle

Send your answers to [email protected], please include
your h2g2 researcher name and 'U' number, so credit can be given where it is due.
Correspondence should be with me no later than Monday 6th October 2003

Greebo T. Cat

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