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To be the victim or to fight? Under certain circumstances I have a tendency to just let things ride. I am but one man and as such cannot undo all the wrongs and injustices in the world. It would be futile
to think otherwise let alone try to attempt it. Even superman had his limitations after all.

But when someone I care about is threatened I develop the ability to think in a very cold calculating way which is at once both brutal and subtle. It is as if I can see more than one solution to the cause of the threat and can rapidly devise alternate methods of eliminating it.

The brutal way, as you can possibly imagine, is very direct and violent to the point of stupidity. While this course of action is more satisfying on an emotional level it is quite obviously the most idiotic because of the potential legal ramifications. Gaol being one of them.

The subtle way, while being less emotionally satisfying, is in the long run far more effective and psychologically damaging to to the antagonist. In my time I have used both methods and it is with no pride at all that I can say that the first method only makes you feel better for a short period of time. The second method, however it is achieved, while taking longer is the much better course. Physically it does not need the iron fist but it does require greater strength of mind to complete.

It is negotiation turned sour.

You set a goal and, instead of going straight for it like a laser, you take the circuitous route, often going over the same ground more than once, until you arrive at the target from behind and hit the centre absolutely.

The pleasure in this method is the look on your opponents face when they finally realise what the hell has just happened.

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