The Legacy of Terry Horowitz - Part 8

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Part Eight

Aelric and Erthgi took their place at the head of the empty table. 'I like this' said Aelric looking on at the non-existent people around the table. 'It's like that round table I had the villagers make for me when they proclaimed me King Arthur.'

Aelric and Erthgi were still in their splendid robes and attire (though Aelric being the king and all obviously had more splendid robes). Erthgi standing to his right hand side, leaning on his staff, looked on. 'Yes that stupid pig farmer Lancelot rolled it down the hill, knocking off the edges. Still it left plenty of spaces for the chairs... well I say chairs...'

'You mean the crates of poultry? They weren't too uncomfortable when you put some skins on top of them...'

'Yes but they didn't half smell the place out, when the animals started to rot...'

'Shall we not go there Merlin...'

'Of course not, Sire... erm I mean Aelric...'

Just then an assortment of army officers from varying times and places entered the room and sat down. Aerlic and Erthgi looked at each other, wondering if they should move. But then the assembled group looked up at them expectantly.

Aelric adjusted some jewellery around his neck uncomfortably and then realised he knew what to do here. He, of course, had been known as King Arthur...

'Well... ahem... Gentlemen... Ladies... and erm... I'm sorry what are you?' said Aelric apologetically indicating a genderless blob hovering above one of the seats. It burbled something completely unintelligible, shortly followed by an electronic voice saying 'I am female'.

'Of course you are, apologies.' said Arthur politely. 'Anyway, as I was. Let me introduce myself. I am King Arthur and this is my long time friend, Merlin.' Aelric said indicating Erthgi. Erthgi bowed.

The group were clearly suitably impressed, with numerous whispers of recognition. 'I think they've heard of us' whispered Erthgi to Aelric. Aelric nodded, pleased with the current circumstances.

Aelric leaned towards Erthgi. 'We might as well make the best of this, lets see if we can show what we can do.'

'Erm... Aelric'?

'Yes, Erthgi?' Aelric whispered back.

'That isn't a lot really. We usually let other people sort things out for us.'

'But that's what we're very good at Erthgi – letting things happen, and taking the credit for it. That's called leadership', winked Aelric.

Erthgi sighed and nodded.

'Right, now we're going to need some sort of training. Who are the experts here?'

A rotund army officer stood up. 'I believe I would be good at that.'

'And you are?'

'Colonel Buxomly, sir'

'Excellent, then I suggest you should be placed in charge of that!' Aelric said and indicated he should sit down. 'Now we need some tactics. Who are our strategic experts?'

Two individuals stood up and revealed their qualifications.

'Excellent!' said Aelric. 'Very impressive. I want you two to discuss that. The rest of you I want you to see the Callack organisation out there, find your regiments and camps and then ready your troops for inspection.'

The officers nodded.

'Right, then, I think that brings our matters to a close.' The officers stood. 'Good day, gentlemen.' They saluted and walked out.

When they'd all left leaving only Aerlic and Erthgi, now out of their King Arthur and Merlin personas, Erthgi leaned towards Aelric. 'What do we do now?'

'We go and see Terry Horowitz and find out what the hell is going on.'

'Ah. So we still don't know whats going on. That's leadership?'

'Yeah. But we do it with style.'

Erthgi raised his eyebrows but just accepted it and followed Aerlic out of the tent to see Terry Horowitz.

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