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'Connection Timed Out' what a dreaded line to read

Errors and proxy problems where will this trouble lead

All my hard work and time has just disappeared on the web

As h2g2 goes into spasm again, it's really doing in my head

Don't Panic, normal service will be resumed

But my poor lost work will never be exhumed

Lost forever to me in a world of constant stress

Just why it makes you wonder is h2g2 in this dreadful mess

It's slowing down, hootoo messages to each other scrawl

The seconds tick by and conversations are in a limbo like crawl

Frantically you press again, hoping that your words are not gone forever

Feeling stupid when they appear not once, but twice instead of never

But still we noble hootooer's gallantly keep plugging away

Muttering at downtime, and grumbling when servers will not stay

Waiting agonizing moments for that page so desperate to upload

Oh dear 'Web Site Not Responding. Please try again by clicking the Reload'

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