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Kvetchup with your chicken sir?

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Nice one, quizzical!

I reckon the Chicken Dance is probably what's known in UK as the Birdie song; stone-age technology prevents me from actually hearing the music, but spim now has the Birdie song unfortunately embedded in his brain...

If you go & lurk my page, I defy you or your cockatiels to come up with a song my alien can dance to...I have spent many happy hours mesmerised into inaction watching him, to no avail.

smiley - cheers(here in France, foaming tankards = 0; goblets of fine smiley - redwine = more than your average lush can shake a stick at.)

Kvetchup with your chicken sir?

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Thank you!

I think you're right about the Chicken Dance being the same as the Birdie Dance. The music does tend to get stuck in your head. Actually, your alien is doing something that vaguely resembles the Chicken Dance - maybe we can export it to the rest of the galaxy as the Vogon Dance or something. smiley - smiley

I hope the weather stays decent this weekend so I can shake a tail feather or two...

Kvetchup with your chicken sir?

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Hmm, yes.

Just wouldn't have the same impact in a mac & wellies would it?

*waits for hate mail from Mac users*

(Actually, spim uses a Mac, I must say they are prettier than the PC thingy's, but do seem to be a tiny bit incompatible with the rest of the universe.)


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