What Every Driver should know about Cars

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For those who may be new to Planet Earth and find themselves 'Behind The Wheel', this is a crash course (pun intended) of motor vehicle operation. A minimum of two appendages (arms, legs, etc.) are required to drive. Upon positioning one's body in the foward most seat of the auto and choosing the side that has the primary controls (this varies from place to place), one leg should reach the floor pedals while one arm contacts the steering wheel. This round wheel in front of you controls the direction of the vehicle. If the top of the wheel moves left, so does the car. Movement of the steering wheel directly affects a corresponding movement of the front tires. The foot pedal to the far right controls the rate of rotation of the motor and thus the car. The left or center pedal controls the brakeing system that will stop the moving vehicle. A third pedal is found on manual transmissions only and is pushed to temporarily uncouple the motor to allow manual changing of the gears.

The transmission is the next issue. There are two types of transmission, Automatic or Manual. Traditionally, they are easily discerned by the number of pedals that are found at the foot. An automatic needs only a brake and an accelorator, a manual (or 'stick') has a third pedal that is used to disengage the clutch.

Most vehicles have a parking brake which can also be called an Emergency Brake. This feature is often used with a manual transmission car to keep it in place when parked, however it is also standard equipment on automatic cars where it serves as an Emergency Brake. In case the hydrolic brake system fails, some brakeing can be done by the cable operated E-brake, though the stopping power is usually poor.

Vehicle Maintanance

Automobiles can seem very mysterious to those that have no experience. Any owner should have a basic knowledge of how to check the cars fluid to ensure good performance. the primary topics of routine upkeep include the following.

The Walk Around

Checking fluids

Wear Out Items



The Stick (aka manual transmission)


Roadside Repairs


oil change

Jump Start


"Call tha Auto Club"

Not a bad idea, but you are not a slave to the machine! This is a working in progress progressive work project that is currently underway. This is an ambitious project, but I'm ambitioun. Any contributions are welcome!!

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