A Stargate Quiz - Season 8 Solution

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Season 8

How well do you know the tv series Stargate? Here are the answers to the Season 8 questions.

  1. Q What is the name of the System Lord who asks for asylum?

    A Camulus.


  2. Q What rank is Jack O'Neill promoted to?

    A Brigadier General.


  3. Q What happened to Alec Colson's father during the 'McCarthy' era?

    A He was a journalist who was arrested by the Committee for the House of Un American Activities.


  4. Q What is the name of Rya'c's bride?

    A Kay'rn.


  5. Q What happens to Dr Novak when she gets nervous?

    A She gets hiccups.


  6. Q In Citizen Joe, Dan Castellaneta plays Joe Spencer. Who's voice is he best known for playing?

    A Dan Castellaneta plays the voice of Homer Simpson.


  7. Q Which System Lord comes to Earth for SG-1's help in dealing with the Replicators?

    A Baal.


  8. Q Isaac Hayes played a Jaffa Priest in this season. For what did he win an Oscar?

    A Composing the Theme From Shaft.


  9. Q How old is Selmak when he finally dies?

    A 2000 years old.


  10. Q What is different about Jack's pond after the Timeline sorts itself out?

    A It has fish in it.


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