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Aerial Pingpong is only used to mean Australian Football by rugby fans who don't like it.

OZ vs NZ

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Actually, a lot of these are 'antipodean' rather than purely Aussie. Bugger, wanker, etc are as popular in NZ as it is in Australia. Mind you, there are plenty of words that are distinctive depending on which side of the Tasman you're on - try finding a Kiwi who will say 'thongs' (they're *jandals*)

By the way, I thought the beer was called XXXX because a certain stratum of Oz society had problems spelling 'BEER'. smiley - winkeye

OZ vs NZ

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Jimi X

Hi Billie! You'll find that ducking doesn't help much as the GuideML Guru is an Aussie and he can find you whever you try to hide. His name is Bruce http://www.h2g2.com/U25551 btw. A decent enough chap, and really helpful when you try to gussie up the home page.

That reminds me, you haven't fixed up your home page yet, so nobody can stop by and say "hello" and give you your complimentary fish! That's why I'm here (smiley - fish).

If you've got questions about the site, you can visit me at my page http://www.h2g2.com/U53353. There's a link there to the Aces homepage, that's sort of a clearinghouse of useful stuff for folks new to h2g2.

And if you've got something else that you want to know about, there is always Peta, the community editor, at http://h2g2.com/U24.

Hope to see you around!! smiley - smiley

- Jimi X

OZ vs NZ

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[email protected]

go easy!

The Completeness of things

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A froopykindaguy

OK OK OK! This is Sean - the actual froopykindaguy and I'm sorry to everyone out there if I missed out a few words here and there or if my definition doesn't exactly fit yours. It's *slang* OK which means that the rules on whats in or out or the interpretation of said rules is totally up for grabs. In other words there ARE no hard and fast rules...!

Actually I think I did rather well coming up with this list in itself!

What this means is to stop picking on me and what I may or may not have left in or out!!!!!


Sean (a froopykindaguy)

The Completeness of things

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Hey Sean, I think the discussion is cool! Trouble is, any discussion on language tends to provoke a bit of squabbling... And everyone, my kiwi comments are only to add a little spice to the brew - I have utter respect for everything Australian! (wine, wine, wine, beach...)

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