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Rhyming Slang

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One of the nice parts of the "Australian language" is also the rhyming slang - the use of people or place names as part of our slanguage.

Here's a couple to kick off with:

- Barry Crocker, to have a: to have a bad day (as in "to have a shocker")
- Harold Holt, do a: run off (as in "do the bolt")
- Reg Grundies: underwear (as in undies, named after Reg Grundy).

British Rhyming Slang

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Couldn't tell you about Aussie ones, but I lived in London for 10 years, where it's the norm:

Pete Tong, it's all gone a bit... - There's been a cock up
Eartha Kitt - Poo
Rodney (Marsh) but Lionel (Blair) - A harsh, yet fair commment
Ruby, go for a... - Have a curry

Other good London stuff;
Put the kids to bed - go to the toilet
Talk to the great white telephone - vomit
Barf - Vomit
Pikey/Soap Dodger/Student - Unwashed, scruffy individual
Waz - Urinate

That'll do for now...

Rhyming Slang

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I thought doing a Harold Holt came not from rhyming slang but from how he actually ended up - sort of like "doing a Nellie Melba" (continually announcing your retirement and and then reappearing)

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