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Len (Snowie) Baynes

Yes, the life on Earth has been well described as 'This vale of tears'. It is made up of millions of 'Me's' though, and each has his own chance to make it a better or worse place. Religion can help, though it appears to be going out of fashion. During the war, when the bullets and bombs were about us, the most dyed in wool atheists muttered a prayer and found it helped. When things really get you down, even though the existence of an Almighty seems unthinkable, try acting as if it were true that He's listening, and mutter a prayer. Consider the following:
There are thousands reasons why evolution alone can never fully explain life, and most scientist know this.
For instance, the perfect double helix, without which life cannot exist, could not possibly have evolved unguided. Vision: if it started with a light sensitive cell or two 'happening' to appear on the skin, it could be of no advantage to the body without simultaneously developing a nerve and a suitable contact area of the brain; so it would not be propagated to evolve further. Too much of a coincidence for anyone to consider possible. Moreover, the same could be said for the other senses.
There is so much else that mankind's brain is not made to understand, such as what is outside the ever expanding universe, and what was there before the so-called big bang; and what does 'infinity' really entail?
Then there are the wonderfully useful elements and compounds without which we could not exist that 'evolved' from that 'big bang': oxygen + hydrogen (water), carbon, iron , silicon, nitrogen, calcium, to name but a few of the hundred or so, plus the thousands of chemical compounds, more of which are being discovered all the time.
Lastly there is that thing we call 'time,' once thought to be an absolute constant, which we now know to be nothing of the kind, but a variable throughout the universe. More that our minds cannot fully grasp.
Yours Len Baynes

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