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Boiling point of milk

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Can someone please tell me the boiling point of semi skimed cows milk, at 345 feet above sea level I can be [email protected] on [email protected] Thank you.

Boiling point of milk

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Well, I don't know exactly, but the boiling point of milk at sealevel is usualy 105 degrees celcius(depending on the percentage fat, more fat -> higher boiling point)
Considering the heigt(100 m), I guess the has not that much effect on the boiling, I guess just a degree or two.
So, taking all of the above in account and doing some math on it I should say 102.3 degrees Celcius

Boiling point of milk

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El Nino

You see, semi-skimmed is not accurate enough. Terms such as "Ultra-skimmed" and "extra-skimmed" have recently begun to become popular at local milk-skimming plants. However, many believe that such a wild use of adverbs is un-called for, as specifying exactly how skimmed it is is actually as important as the fact that it is skimmed.

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