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I while ago a researcher on here posted somewhere a possible idea to the way our universe is (would that researcher please tell me if this is you im talking about). Imagine that everything is a frame, there is no constant flowing of time, its only us moving forward into the next frame. and with the collection of all these frames we get the illution we see now of time and of a constant flow.

To put it another way, there are trillions of frames and we move along them:

[a] [b] [c] [d] [e] [f] etc

so we move from a onto b, then c, then d.

but now lets take into acount that it isnt a single line, but many to allow for free will and such, it would look something like this:

[a] [b] [c] [d]

[m] [n] [o] [p]

[w] [x] [y] [z]

so instead of just going a.b.c.d. we could go a.n.c.z. this would allow us to make our own decisions and just move into the required frame to make it work.

There is of course problems such as how we could make things make no sence, we could make a song all of a sudden change, the researcher said it was possible but it wont happen since the race could not imagine such a thing happening so therefor we could never move into these universe frames.

An idea put forward by the researcher was this: Tell all children that once they turn to the age of eighty their skin will change to green, next get a bunch of eighty year olds and paint them green. This will make children believe this is what will happen when they turn eighty and when they do, they will turn green.

This seems very fictional and deserves to be on tv, until the 4th of september i would probably have mostly agreed with you. But that night in bed i went into a state of pure relaxation, where you are really calm and feel you cannot move, as i was in this state i got an itch on my foot, instead of disturbing my relaxation i decided to try and use the aboce theory. I was slightly convinced it might work, and concentrated really hard, i convinced my self that i could move into a universe frame where it is not itchy, and it worked, the itch went away. i was in this state for about twenty minutes and i had similair itches several times, each time i moved to a universe frame where i didnt have an itch and it disapeared.

The way i got relaxed was first relaxing my body, then my mind, i did this by taking a journey in my head to a beautiful beach, best place i could imagine and being with a person i cared for that made me feel calm, this happened to be a girl and im a boy. After I was relaxed and had gotten rid of some itches i was still thinking of the beach and girl, and I could feel i was beggining to get an erection, i used this to my advantage, i convinced myself again with great confindence that i could move into a universe where i dont have one, and at that point it stopped.

i tried it again the day after and was able to achieve the same results. It is my belief that if i where to be more confindent i could make anything happen. I tried to convince myself that i would move into a universe that had a $50 not on the floor and a basket ball, but there was to much dought, and it did not work, i am still held in the prison of believing in the reality i am to used to. It is like what they said in the matrix: "there is no spoon" if i could understand this and trully believe it without any dought i believe i could make the money and the basket ball appear when i sit up.

my confidence grows each time i do this and manage to make an itch dissapear, or more amazing was what i did earlier. i was in my room in my relaxation and i kept hearing a strange sound like driping, it was consistant and didnt stop, i went into a relaxed state and was able to silence it, but as soon i stopped thinking about it, it came back, i was not able to hold myself in that universe frame and was dragged back down.

my theory is that people would be able to do anything if they can believe, for instance:

[1] [2] [3] [4]

[a] [b] [c] [d]

[m] [n] [o] [p]

[w] [x] [y] [z]

[7] [8] [9] [10]

in this you can see what i was able to do, and what i wasnt. say we were traveling along our so called reality which was m.n.o.p. i was able to say that n was not reality and their would be no itch in b, this was correct i was able to move, but to travel to or would require great belief in what i was doing, they were the frames where the fifty dolar bill was on the floor or even where fifty billion dollars where on the floor. but until we can let go of reality we wont be able to reach these

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