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What I'm after is a drop down box for voting; so a researcher can select an option from a drop down box - click on vote and a post, with the vote option, will be posted into a thread as if the researcher replied to the first post in the thread.

A cross between the useful links drop-down box and a guestbook - but as if the guestbook entry is predefined by the option selected

So in JavaScript it ends up something like:

<FORM id="votebox">
<SELECT id="favitalic">
<OPTION SELECTED value="Abi">Abi
<OPTION value="Abi">
<OPTION SELECTED value="Mina">Mina
<OPTION value="Mina">
<OPTION SELECTED value="Jim">Jim
<OPTION value="Jim">
<INPUT type="button" id="go" value="Vote!" onClick="[AddThread?Forum=etc...].option.value*> </FORM>

*quite what the specifics would be here I don't know.

The GuideML would end up as:

<VOTE NAME="Favourite Italic">
<VOTE ITEM="Mina">

It would possibly need an if statement to stop you from entering no value - and thus an empty post. I did have an if statement drafted but it included a pop-up alert which don't work with Digibox users.

The thread bit may be a bit of a problem but I'm hoping you guys will help out there.


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