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Although this entry describes the process of building a sweat lodge, it is intended more to advise readers what they can expect to happen if they attend a Sweat Lodge ceremony. It is not intended as a 'How to' guide. Building a Sweat Lodge is a skilled business and should not be attempted without some training.

These days Sweat Lodges are primarily associated with North American Indian cultures, however there is evidence that variations on the theme were carried out across by
pre-Christian Celts, Norse peoples, South American, African, Middle Eastern, Siberian and Australian Aboriginal peoples. It is based on earth-based spirituality, as opposed to religion based on 'revealed' religion (those based on doctrine according to a prophet).

A Sweat Lodge is basically a cleansing and healing ritual and is associated with shamanic practices. It has been likened to the creation process.

Things to Consider

Building the Sweat Lodge

The Fire Element

Ceremonial Aspects

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