Press - John Ridgway Save the Albatross Voyage 2003-4

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  • Mathew Parris salutes John Ridgway in an article in The Times It is past the eleventh hour for the wanding albatross

    The Times.

  • HRH the Prince of Wales writes to welcome John and Marie Christine back after their adventure I just want to congratulate you on the typically direct and personal way you have chosen to highlight the plight of the albatross.

    The Letter

  • Speech by HRH The Prince of Wales praises "remarkable" John Ridgway and his wife Marie Christine
    Waterbirds around the World’ Conference, Edinburgh, 07/04/04:

    Clarence House Press Release

  • UK finally signs up to save albatross from deadly fishing lines, 04/04/04:

  • 'Last chance' for Southern Ocean
    BBC New Online, 23/01/04:

    BBC News Online

  • Albatross campaign reaches New Zealand
    BBC New Online, 15/01/04:

    BBC News Online

  • Toothfish pursuers tell of icy drama BBC New Online, 05/09/03:

    BBC News Online

  • Net closing on toothfish 'pirates'. BBC New Online, 22/08/03:

    BBC News Online

  • Another piece by BBC News Online environment correspondent Alex Kirby's report on the growing peril faced by Albatrosses. 6 September, 2003:
    BBC News Online

  • Read BBC News Online environment correspondent Alex Kirby's report on John Ridgway's extraordinary project. 27 July, 2003:
    BBC News Online

  • John Ridgway's departure featured in The Times, 28/07/03:
    The Times Online

  • Excellent piece on John Ridgway in Scotland's Sunday Herald, 27/07/03:

    Sunday Herald

  • The departure featured in the News in Brief section of the Daily Telegraph, 28/07/03:

    The Daily Telegraph

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