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A series being published in


  • How was this story born?

    Well, the Author had a what she would call 'action-film-dream' one night and, recalling it, she thought 'Hey! I bet someone could write a story based on that!

    Too late, she realized it had to be herself.

    All1 she had to do was to come up with a beginning, and an ending. Unfortunately she has not managed to come up with the end yet, and so she keeps writing episode after episode while desperately searching for the end in the depths of her mind. What the Author is probably hoping for is a new dream that will reveal all, including the end.

    And no, it is no use asking her which part of the story that was actually her dream, because she will not reveal it.

    Not even if bribed.

  • What do the names of the main character, her mentor and her home village all have in common?

    They are all bits and pieces of the Author's RL (Real Life) name, twisted around a bit.

  • Do any of the names in the story actually mean anything?

    Yes, the Author amused herself by using Finnish words, which she thought would sound very exotic in the ears of those who don't understand the language. Here is a list of those names, and their meanings:

    • Antaja

      is the witch that is trying to perform Aituár's 'coming-of-age' ceremony - her name means


    • Ihme

      was Aituár's mother - and her name means


    • Ajatus

      is Aituár's father - and his name means


    • Luonto

      as in 'the sisters of Luonto' means


    • Voima

      the wizard - his name means




  • But doesn't that one-eyed bearded man with his two ravens look familiar somehow?

    Yes, that's


    which is the German name for the

    Norse God


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1Note the sarcasm2
Come to think of it, that would depend on the bribe.

But not very likely.

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