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Alternative Writing Workshop: A1113832 - The Old Man and the Dog

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Entry: The Old Man and the Dog - A1113832
Author: Slartibartfast - U204775

I personally like it. I find it very descriptive yet simple.

A1113832 - The Old Man and the Dog

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Hiya, smiley - smiley

nice enough little piece; just wondering whether it is your own work...

the way you present it would seem to suggest not, and i'm wondering whether the author knows you are showcasing it here...

or are you Corbin yerself? :-

anyway, nice little piece smiley - ok

A1113832 - The Old Man and the Dog

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Yes, quite simple. I had a quiet feeling while I was reading it. I see storms like this a lot where I live, so the imagery works well for me.

Thank you for posting it smiley - smiley

smiley - blacksheep

A1113832 - The Old Man and the Dog

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a girl called Ben

I agree with the guys that it is a nice piece: atmospheric. smiley - smiley

The copyright situation on this site is complex at first sight. We are not permitted to do more than quote short extracts from work that is in copyright. You retain the copyright of work you publish here, and you grant the BBC non-exclusive rights to it. Essentially this seems to mean that they can publish it too, and not give you any money for publishing it. For that reason some people prefer not to put work which they hope to publish here on site. I put my prose up here, but not my poetry, for example.

Incidentally, I am not a lawyer, and you are best off reading the terms and conditions, and the associated pages linked to them, for the full story.

A quick google came up blank for Corbin Mathias, except for a version of Oliver Twist put on in March. Are you THE Corbin Mathias, by any chance? smiley - winkeye

Once again, thank you for posting it.


A1113832 - The Old Man and the Dog

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Yes I really did write this poem, believe it or not. I was in the car riding home (My brother drove for once) from a stop at a Sam's Club (a divison of Wal-Mart. I live in America.) and it was a really stormy day. It had that atmosphere of its about to rain, the dark forboding clouds are looming overhead, you can almost smell the rain a the gusts of wind blow through your hair as the sunlight slips behind another darkening cloud. And it just came to me on the way home.

A1113832 - The Old Man and the Dog

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And yes I am the Corbin Mathias. I was Mr. Brownlow in the musical Oliver! Please leave me a message in my personal space Ben.

A1113832 - The Old Man and the Dog

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Well done then smiley - smiley

And by the way, Sam's Club - smiley - ok

smiley - blacksheep

A1113832 - The Old Man and the Dog

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I'd like to propose Back to Entry as this has been moderated.


A1113832 - The Old Man and the Dog

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SashaQ - happysad


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