How To Write A Love Letter

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For the romantically inclined with Writer's Block

A good formula for a love letter is:-

1.Simple introduction
2.A joint past memory (funny or unusual)
3.A more recent time (loving/emotional)
4.Thoughts on a future date (ask for their suggestions)
5.How they make you feel
6.Simple ending.


1.Hello (name/cuddlechops etc)
Just a short note to let you know I'm thinking of you.

2.I was thinking of that time in.........when you remember when...

3.Last (weekend/time together) was wonderful, because....

4.How do you feel about going time?

5.I can't wait to see you again because..........

6.All my love until..........

To the cynics who will say this is contrived and therefore somehow unloving, I would answer that all things in life that are done well, are first LEARNED to be done well. I believe loving is also a skill that can be aquired with practice and patience.

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