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The CAC Continuum is broadening its horizons and aims to bring to light some of h2g2s greatest secrets. And some of the not so great ones. A new idea, well actually an oldish one rejuvenated, the CAC now presents you with 30 Questions - The Interviews (we were going to have 42, but it all got too much...)

Our first victim, uh...interviewee, is the wonderful author of the new 'Marvin Turns to the Dark Side' series, Eposina. So if you want to find out what chocolate and the Editors (the band) have in common, then read on.

  1. Name? Amy
  2. Age? 12
  3. Sex? Female
  4. Height? About 5 foot 2
  5. Pets? I have one cat: Tigger
  6. Hair colour? Very dark brown, looks black when it's wet
  7. Shoe size? 5 and a half
  8. Occupation? School/Writer
  9. Favourite smell? Melted Chocolate
  10. Favourite book? Hard choice probably: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  11. Favourite film? The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  12. Favourite band/group/singer? At the moment: The Editors
  13. Favourite song? Blood by the Editors
  14. Can you play an instrument? If yes which one? Yes, I play the Clarinet
  15. Favourite item of clothing? Jeans!
  16. Favourite food? Chocolate smiley - drool
  17. Favourite beverage? Coke
  18. Favourite animal? Horse
  19. Favourite TV program? DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!smiley - tardis
  20. Favourite takeaway? Curry
  21. If you were stuck on a desert island what item would you take with you and why? My mobile so I could ring for help
  22. If you were an animal what would you be and why? A wild horse because I'd want to know how it feels to be free
  23. Would you rather fart confetti or sneeze marbles and why? Sneeze marbles because I am at the moment bearing a grudge against confetti
  24. Thursday or Thing? Thing, I hate Thursdays not as much as Mondays mind you
  25. If you were a chocolate bar what would you be and why? Dairy Milk because they taste so nice!
  26. Do you have any hobbies? Lots: writing, drawing, swimming, fencing, watching Doctor Who, reading, blushing, acting, playing the clarinet and sleeping.
  27. So, you are writing the “Marvin turns to the Dark Side” series. What influenced you to start writing? Well, to be honest I have no idea. I think it was that I have such a fantastical imagination I needed some sort of output for it rather than my mouth so I started writing to put my imagination to good use.
  28. You must be a big fan of Marvin, what qualities do you think you share with him? I can be depressed on certain days: Mondays and Thursdays.
  29. How did you find H2G2? Through the BBC Radio 4 Hitchhiker series website.

  30. Any future stories or articles in the pipeline? Dunno, *shrugs* maybe.

One final question, what will you be doing straight after these questions? Writing some more of my novel, whilst listening to the Editors and maybe eating some chocolate.

Remember if you like what you see, leave a message with the relevant Researcher.
You can always suggest writing for the CAC Continuum or you could suggest the person who we interview next either by contacting
The Post, by getting in touch or by visiting us at our own place.

This week's questions were begged, borrowed and stolen by
Tom and MJ

as part of the Committee for Alien Content's Continuing search
for truth and a wider audience.

Speak for yourself!

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