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Clothes shopping has to be one of the worlds most mind-bogglingly boring activities we men have to endure, but what is it that we hate so much about it?

Is it the being dragged around the city laden with three tonnes of
shopping and the definite prospect of more? Is it the many hours we spend standing in one shop while our fellow shopper spends ages working out which shade of beige matches their complexion? Or is it the visiting each clothes shop in town at least twice looking for the same variation of garment? There is no point trying to get involved or attempt to enjoy it, it is just too boring.

The worst thing by far is the fact that the whole boring process is so seemingly futile and there seems to be no point going in the first place when your partner's wardrobe is full to bursting with every garment imaginable. Surely there must be another way?

One modern intervention, though, has recently begun to save us those many hours spent trudging round department stores and that is the modern
marvel... internet shopping; it may save us many hours but it doesn't save money. When on the Internet free rein is given and they can 'accidentally' overspend. The only solution is to keep a watchful eye on them.

Another annoying thing is that, no matter how important the job in hand is, we are expected to drop everything and rush to spend the day in an inferno of boredom, and it is possibly this that gives us that loathing of shopping. That, coupled with all the afore-mentioned reasons, could be why we loath the spectacularly time consuming task of clothes shopping.

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