preminisions - glimpes of the future or memories of the future?

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We travel forward in time, we remember things which have happened, but we are not able to remember what is about to happen, many explanations have been given to explain this, it hasn't happened yet and so forth, but time is still a very unexplainable concept, most humans have a pretty good idea of what time is and what it is used for, or in other words, why time was made to make their lives better, this may or may not be true.

Science fiction writers have played with time travel for many years, H. G. Wells did a marvelous story on time travel which recently got made into a movie, very interesting, watch it if you are interestet. Time travel might be more interesting than we have yet to discover, how do we know that we are not from the future?

This seems like a pretty easy question to answer, "of course i'm not from the future, i would have remembered something like that." or of course the more ignorant answer, "i'm not from the future, thats impossible, nothing like that is possible" even though the universe they are very blindly living in is full of wonder which they refuce to open their minds to.

But maybe the answer is neither of these, maybe we are from the future, we already know that we are unable to remember the future because it hasn't happened, but if it has already happened, would that still mean we couldn't remember it?

Maybe not, an interesting thing about time travel is that if you go back in time, no matter what you do or do not do, the future will still be differnt, even if its something as contraversial as a few breaths of oxygen that you breathed when you went back, the future would then be differnt, so in that case, you are from a parallel future, one which the time period you traveled back to will never expiernce, so how could you remember your own world you came from?

You would not be able to because it has not happened, and for that matter never happen, so a time traveler would arrive in the past and simultaneously you would loose your memory after the the time you traveled to, so everything you had done before would still be in your mind, but everything that happened past the date you traveled to will have been forgotten.

So back to the main idea of the entry, we might be from the future, how? well if we are, then what happened in the future would have been us traveling back in time to maybe do something of great importance but forgot, so we have remembered everything leading up to right now, but nothing ahead.

Well maybe, people who loose their memory still have small bits that come back, so we all traveled back in time to do something, forgot it and carried on living from this point, but maybe only the parts of the future that get forgotten are the ones that get changed, this would most probably be most things, if you were to find the slight differnce we make in air presure etc, but some things might not change.

These things that don't change would not be forgotten forever, maybe they are just burried deep in our brains, and sometimes we remember, usually just before the event happens, so we have what we call a preminisions which is really just a memory relapse of what is going to happen, so we might remember really small thing that dont matter, or maybe in our future we remembered the lotto numbers we should have picked and then suddenly remembered them, a preminision or a memory?

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