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The Tao of Cats

the cat that is seen is not the only cat.

the cat that is heard is not the only cat.

the cat that is known is not the only cat.

the cat that is not known

is the only cat.

smiley - blackcatsmiley - catsmiley - blackcat

a window opens.

the cat considers

doing and not-doing.

a window closes.

smiley - blackcatsmiley - catsmiley - blackcat

up and down the bird

weaves his song through the branches.

the cat's tail twitches.

smiley - blackcatsmiley - catsmiley - blackcat

the goldfish swims

in morning sunlight - on the wall:

rainbows, and the cat's shadow.

smiley - blackcatsmiley - catsmiley - blackcat

goes out the door

comes in the door

in or out: same thing.

smiley - blackcatsmiley - catsmiley - blackcat

beyond cat and not-cat:

the sound of one paw stepping.

smiley - blackcatsmiley - catsmiley - blackcat

when the food bowl is full,

there is no cat.

therefore the wise person

who wishes to find the cat

empties the food bowl.

smiley - blackcatsmiley - catsmiley - blackcat

if you call a black cat,

a white cat appears.

young or old, male or female,

hidden but always present,

that is the cat's way.

smiley - blackcatsmiley - catsmiley - blackcat

being and not-being:

the cat sleeps

while the universe turns around it.

smiley - blackcatsmiley - catsmiley - blackcatsmiley - blackcatsmiley - catsmiley - blackcat

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