A Stargate Quiz - Season 3 Solution

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Season 3

How well do you know the tv series Stargate? Here are the answers to the Season 3 questions.

  1. Q What is Sam's brothers name?

    A Mark


  2. Q What are the names of the 3 Goa'uld who attend the Protected Planets Treaty talks?

    A Cronus, Nirrti and Yu


  3. Q What is the name of the Bounty Hunter who captures SG-1 and what Comic Strip Hero did actor Sam J Jones play in the film of the same name?

    A Aris Boch, He played Flash Gordon


  4. Q What is the name of the System Lord who captured Jacob/Selmak on Netu?

    A Sokar


  5. Q In Foothold which two Airforce Personel does Sam 'kill' on the plane?

    A Jack and Major Davis


  6. Q In Pretence who is on trial on Tollana?

    A Skaara/Klorel


  7. Q What is the name of the planet where Amonet/Sha're hid her child?

    A Kheb


  8. Q In Maternal Instinct who does Daniel meet for the first time?

    A Kheb


  9. Q What is the name of Daniel's grandfather?

    A Nicholas Ballard


  10. Q Which enemy makes its first appearence in Season 3?

    A The Replicators


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