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before you read my story
My nickname is pheloxi, but my real name is Peter. this my story about how I found out I had diabetes. I do not want that you feel sorry for me.

my health was bad for long time. first I was prolonged annoyed by neighbours with loud music and had move house for 3 time in short time. then my father who was my best friend died in October 1995. I decided to visit my sister in England with Christmas in 1995. I liked it some much that I made regular visit, but with Christmas 1996 I became very ill while visiting my sister. my health was catching up with me. the local doctor and view people advised me to go doctor when I got home.

the discovery
on 20 January I went to doctor who said I should check my blood so I went to lab. then I got a call from at 6 pm from the doctor that I had diabetes. a shock went thru me. the doctor would call the hospital when I should be admited. the hospital said right away. I called my other sister if she could bring me. she did and stayed with during admittance. they did all kind of test. they weight me. I was only 45 kg (100 lbs). 11pm they brought me to diabetes department. I was so tired. I had tubes coming out of me for water solution and insulin.

5 weeks of hospital
first few days are fuzzy to me not really knowing what happened. a few things I remember I got on diet that made me gain weight. the Saturday after I was admitted I got attack of some sort. they did not trust so they made EEG and they said I had also epilepsy. shocked again. if did not had enough changes in a week. they did more tests and said to me I complication, because I walked around with diabetes without knowing. one complication was with my feet I had no feeling in my feet and other was with my eyes. later more about that. my doctor told told my mother I was on edge of the death. at the end of 5 weeks the hospital doctors and my mother where not very confident about me and talking insulin, but I proved them wrong. the rest of that year went alright. only check up by one doctors was annoying. our personalities were not completable. strange I am likable. I went to sister in England again.

a new year
I decided it was time learn even more about diabetes, because I went on course. I just started to feel bit happy. during course I had check up of my feet and doctor found worrying thing and asked my to hospital to take X-rays. they discovered I had "foot of Charcot". they not really sure how some one gets it, because about 1000 people in the Netherlands get it. my left feet bones was broken up in small pieces. from what I was told it could started by inflammation which cause lack of bone marrow in my feet. a diabetic feet is not operable, because it take long time to close, if it closes at all. I got a cast on my feet and was told that it would on my foot for 3 to 6 months, because only rest could heal it, because I could feel anything the cast had to be removed regular. I had learn to walk with crutches, which is not easy since I was born with seven fingers (left hand 5 fingers and right hand 2 fingers, a thumb and a little finger) . I went revalidation hospital to learn. six week they tried and succeed. for 3 months I went about every 10 days to remove the cast and to be checked. they asked special shoemaker to make shoes. I tried and 24 hours later my foot was thick again and again one X-rays and revealed that went wrong and again in cast. again cast removals and check ups for 3 months.

my eyes
my spirits were on the lowest, because of complication to my eyes I had check ups. when the cast removed again I had such check up and revealed that I had chance on bleeding eyes. diabetic eye complication is that retina (back of your eyes) make new bloodvessels, which are inferior and can cause bleeding so they needed to be lasered. the first sessions were with an eye doctor who did not know how to handle patients. she did not knew in 1974 when she was my regular eye doctor and she still did not know. I was lucky she retired at the end of the year. this kind of laser treatment, all tho torture is better word is very painful. at the year I had time of to rest my eyes and again I went to my sister in England. I was now a tradition.

a tortured year
again I had eye check up for my eyes with wonderfully new doctor or at least new to me. sadly he had bad news about my eyes. I need more laser treatment., because I could not stand it when some one is close to my eye. he only did every time what he could. every week I had one treated and was nervous for at least 2 days before a treatment. both eyes I were treated 10 times in that year. because of lasering I now have cataracts in my left eye.

after that year they said I had lasered again, but I was nervous wrack and had terrible headaches so stopped with chance of bleeding, but longer they stopped the better my eyes became. last few years I few scares, because i can not feel my feet I can not little wounds and they infect. some of you know as person with positive look, but last I got more depressed than I ever was even when my diabetes was discovered. h2g2 has been and is great place and i want thank you all for being there. I hope my life story did not sadden to much. thank you for reading it.


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