There's A Doctor At The Gate

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Clique Headquarters, a birds eye view
This story is set during the second series of Stargate Atlantis and The Doctor's tenth incarnation.

The Doctor and Rose were a little worn out after the last adventure. Being the prize inhabitant of a Sultan's Harem had not been high on Rose's list. The Doctor had proved that he was still her Doctor when he led the rescue. Rose had been proud of herself when she'd persuaded the other women that their lives were worth much more outside the Harem and they'd listened
and followed her.

'Let's go somewhere quiet with a beach in a galaxy far, far away,' said Rose with a giggle.

'I know just the planet. It's in the Pegasus Galaxy, miles of shoreline, no lifeforms — well, not the last time I was there, anyway,' the Doctor replied. 'I... er... can't remember its name, but it's quiet.'

Rose smiled. 'Sounds great,' she replied.

'Go and get your bikini on and I'll set the coordinates,' said the Doctor. Rose frowned. 'What? Don't you trust me?'

'I trust you, it's the Tardis I don't trust. If I get my bikini on I'll probably find myself in an ice cave. No thanks, I'll wait.'

The Doctor punched in the coordinates and the Tardis lurched to one side, throwing them off balance.

'Okay, hold this lever while I find the hammer!' he shouted. Rose grabbed the lever and braced herself for the next lurch. 'Right, when I've hit the console press the yellow button... ok... now!' he hit the console and Rose pressed the button; the Tardis flipped and she landed with a thud on her backside. The Doctor grabbed her hand and hauled her to her feet. 'I do believe it's getting easier to programme now,' he said. Rose just burst into laughter.


Dr Radek Zelenka blinked at the screen. He was sure he'd seen a blip on the monitor. The computer confirmed something had entered the atmosphere, but now it was gone. Well, it wasn't coming towards the city; it had landed on the shoreline. He sighed and logged the event — he would tell Dr Weir at the meeting. The computer icon blinked again: there was something there. He tapped his earpiece and spoke.

Dr Elizabeth Weir and Lt Colonel John Sheppard stood behind Zelenka and stared at the screen. Zelenka pointed to the blip.

'There — it came through the atmosphere, disappeared and then reappeared on the shore,' Radek explained.

'Wraith?' inquired Weir. Zelenka shrugged.

'If it is, they have new technology,' he replied.

'So whatever it is is just sittin' there, right?' asked Sheppard. Zelenka nodded. 'It's not made any moves towards us?' Zelenka shook his head this time. Sheppard glanced in Weir's direction. 'I say we leave it where it is for now. It's not doing anyone any harm.'

'I agree. Let's not go looking for trouble. If it moves, track it and call me,' she replied.


Rose opened the Tardis door and stepped out. She took a deep breath and smiled. This place was perfect: shore, sea, quiet, just what they needed. She was dressed in denim shorts and her Union Jack t-shirt; the Doctor appeared still dressed in the pinstripe suit and trainers.

'You're not seriously wearing that, are you?' she asked, laughing.

'Why not?' the Doctor replied.

'You look like someone's granddad. You'll be wearing a knotted hankie on your head next.'

'Are you wearing that t-shirt Remember the last time you wore it you were used as target practise by the Luftwaffe,' he retorted.

'Well, they ain't here, are they?' she replied, poking her tongue out. The Doctor sat with his back leaning against the Tardis; Rose stretched out on her stomach and closed her eyes. The Doctor stared out to sea. Rose seemed to have settled down now after the shock of his regeneration. She was almost back to her old self. He glanced over to her. She had no idea how much she meant to him — he had spent far too long by himself. He noticed a flash as the sun hit something on the horizon. He stood up and Rose rolled over.

'What?' she asked.

'There's something out there. The sun is reflecting on something in the water.'

'Could it be the sun hitting the water?' said Rose. The Doctor shook his head.

'No, this was higher up, off the water,' he said. Rose sighed and sat up — so much for the rest. The Doctor went into the Tardis and returned with some binoculars. 'Present from the Brigadier,' he explained, and looked out. He gasped. 'There's a city out there floating on the sea!' Rose got up and took the binoculars from him.

'I thought you said this place was deserted,' she said accusingly. She looked at the city. 'Wow, that looks like something out of those geeky sci-fi books Shareen's brother reads.'

'It was deserted when I was last here, about 300 years ago I think. That means someone else is here too.' He grabbed her hand and led her back to the Tardis. 'Come on, let's go and see who's at home.' Rose sighed so much for the break by the sea. She grinned as his childlike excitement caught up with her — he was never happier than when he was getting them into trouble.


'Doctor Weir, Colonel Sheppard!' yelped Zelenka in surprise. 'It's moving and it's coming this way!' Elizabeth Weir came running as soon as she was called.

'How long?' she asked. Zelenka shrugged. 'Moments,' he said.

'Rodney, raise the shields!' she yelled. Dr Rodney McKay scowled, punched a few buttons and the shield began to cover the city.

'It's not working, it's coming through the shields. How is that possible?' yelled back McKay. He took it personally. Whatever was coming through the shields was doing it deliberately to annoy him.

'Where's it going?' asked Weir.

'East Pier,' replied McKay.

'Colonel Sheppard, get a team to the East Pier,' Weir ordered. The Colonel ran off yelling orders.

'How long 'till Daedalus gets here?' she asked McKay.

'About another four hours,' he replied.

'Can we contact them?' she said. McKay shrugged. 'We can try,' he said. She patted his shoulder. 'Thank you, Rodney.' Another figure appeared beside them.

'What's the problem?' asked Daniel Jackson.

'Unknown intruders,' said an exasperated Weir, 'and they've come right through the shields.'

'That's not good,' remarked Jackson. Weir glared at him. He'd been influenced by Jack O'Neill for far too long, she decided.

'I've got Colonel Caldwell online,' said McKay.

'Dr Weir, what's the problem down there?' said the disembodied voice of the Daedalus's commander.

'We have an intruder, it came right through the shields and it appears to be landing on the East Pier. How long before you can get here?' Weir asked.

'With our engines at maximum, it'll be another three hours I'm afraid,' Caldwell replied. Elizabeth sighed.

'Thank you Colonel, Atlantis out. How long will it take to evacuate through the Stargate?' she asked McKay. He rolled his eyes and sighed.

'You're kidding, we couldn't pack up in less than a day,' he grouched. Weir almost screamed in frustration. 'John, what's happening down there?'

Colonel John Sheppard and his team were watching open-mouthed as the pale light started to blink. A whooshing noise started and a wind started to blow as something materialized in front of them.

'Lock and load, gentlemen,' he ordered. His men got into position and waited. 'You've got to be kiddin' me — what the hell is that?' he gasped as the blue box materialised in front of him.

There's A Doctor At The Gate


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