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... and where were you 13 years ago?

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Wilma Neanderthal

... so i could have read this before I got hitched? Huh? tsk.

"Men also hoard things. The amount of hoarding is directly proportionate to the amount of time spent together (known as Bloke's Law of Accumulation) and ultimately, in the case of most couples who have bought a house together, results in an attic full of deckchairs, PC soundcards, 1974 VW Beetle carburettors, adaptors, inexplicable fluffy things and old speakers. Generations of illuminated scientists have tried to throw their particular light on this subject, but as yet to no avail. Just try to ensure he gets boxes once in a while to put it all in."

.. and the garage, and the garden, and the ... smiley - wah

Fabulous entry, Rich! Thank you for making me chortle today!


... and where were you 13 years ago?

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I'm not like that, not in one tiny, insignificant detail - just ask my wife.

... and where were you 13 years ago?

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Very funny article, I see myself in that in a few places and my current flat (shared with two other guys) falls into almost every category...think men behaving badly or bottom and your not far off. smiley - biggrin

I particularly like the shed and the 1974 carburettor bit totally guilty as charged! Just need to decide if I like the ex-girlfriend enough to want to move in with her again (don't ask!) smiley - smiley

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... and where were you 13 years ago?

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