Changing to GuideML

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Changing To GuideML

If you want to put pictures and other fancy things on you page, you will have to change to GuideML,

But it might be a good idea to get your page ready first.


If you have got any smiley on your page at the moment, then you have two choices,
You can
  1. Take them all off for now, and put them back on later,

    I think this the best idea, as you can put them on one at a time later, and you will get less of the nasty "ERROR" messages

  2. Or

  3. You can change them all now,

    This might be difficult, as a single slip up will get the "ERROR" messages, and if your smileys are among a lot of writing, it will be hard to find the error.

Whether you do it know or later, the GuideML smiley code is the same

<SMILEY TYPE="biggrin"/> or <SMILEY TYPE="love"/> ECT;
Putting in what ever smiley that you want.

You can find the list of smileys at the MY SMILEY PAGE

If you get a error saying "Bad closing,,,,, expecting biggrin", that will mean that you have not changed one of your smileys.


The next thing is the LINKS

If you have got any links to other pages on your page now, then you have the same two choices that you have with the smiley,Do it now or later, and the same problems if you do it now,

They're a few Codes for links in Guide

The first is to other researchers, The code for them are-

<LINK BIO="U193090"> There Name </LINK>

Changing the "U" number to the person that you want.

The next is for Articles,, clubs,, conversation forums,,,,or anything with "A" "F" "C" in front of the number,

The link for them are
<LINK H2G2="A888366"> the name of the artical </LINK>

Changing the "A" number for the entry that you want.

And then there are the named entries,,,,,,search,,,,,Online,,,ect:

the link for them are
<LINK H2G2="search"> Search </LINK>

Changing the "search" for the name of the entry that you want,

and finaly if you have got the symble "&" on your page, that will have to be changed to

or it will come up with a error


Now you are ready to change to GuideML

If you click on the "EDIT PAGE" button on your page, it will take you to the ,,,,,Edit Page,,,, Now thats a suprize,

at the bottom of that page you will see "GuideML and Plain Text"

If you put a spot in the "GuideML" spot, and then click on the "Change Style" button, That will change your page to GuideML,

You will notice that you now have


at the top of your page

and at the bottom of your page you have got


every thing has to be written in between there,


Next you will notice that your writing has changed, it is no longer in paragraphs ( thats if it was in the first place )

to alter that, you put
where you want to start a new line of text

and for paragraphs, you put

at the start of the Paragraph, and
at the end of the paragraph

That will put a blank line at the start of the Paragraph, and a blank line at the end of the paragraph

That is the hard part over with, from now on, as long as you put every thing in between the <BODY> and the </BODY> tags you will not have much trouble

You can also go to the page on A1012023,,,,,AND,,,,,A991316Where you will some other thing that you can do

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