Healing with pebbles

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Healing with pebbles

Ever since the 'atrocity' of September 11th (in fact about 2 weeks before)
I have been writing a tune which seems to be endless. Every time I think
I've finished it I find myself coming up with another idea.
I know the tune won't be finished until the war is over. Please let it be soon.

Music has always reflected the times we are living in, mine is no different.
It comprises not only my own personal feelings, but also the feelings of people around me. I have met several
'characters' (for want of a better word) here on h2g2 and in other chat rooms and some of the
themes in my composition belong to particular people. Of course, I don't know what you look like
- but you all have a theme! Popular Music Genres

Healing with pebblesis just one part of the tune that 'came out of the blue' last
Saturday morning, just days before we went to war. It sounds so special I want to tell
the World about it! A melancholy tune, not surprisingly,
with an underlying element of marching, a bell tolling, but there is also
soft air of forgiveness and hope. Most of the women who have heard it have loved it!
Makes them want to cry...but we all know how therapeutic crying can be (in the right time and place) - but not too much of it please!

Why the pebbles? Well, the healing part is, of course, the
forgiveness and hope bit, but seeing as there are those amongst us who misunderstand about
the uses of crystals, I feel the word 'pebbles' is more appropriate. I sometimes call them
stones or minerals anyway, and if I'm feeling angry - well, then they're just plain boulders, and I might throw one at you! Sorry pheloxi and all you People for Peace I know how much you dislike violence and anger, but please allow me my boulders now and then, and only when necessary, of course...

My new adopted son heard this tune this week, he said he thought it sounded like
the tune at the end of the Trueman Show. I can see where he's coming from, but that was not
the intention.

As the money I had put towards Comic Relief was used to cut/burn the CD,Red Nose Day - Music
I want all proceeds of this one track to go towards the Comic Relief fund.

It is very nearly Mother's Day in Britain, next Sunday, in fact and May 11th in US. How many mothers will be celebrating it without
their sons? Many mothers will be worrying about their sons, wondering whether they will ever
see them again. On a more personal level, my mother has already lost her son, and I know how
she still suffers. This track is dedicated to all those mothers.

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