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One of the more flamboyant breeds of Homo Sapien, the common Raver is generally very thin, sports extremely bright plumage, and wears pants large enough to comfortably house an Eastern European family of four.

Some consider Ravers to be the modern equivalent of Faeries. The females are glittery and cute, the males taller and somewhat androgynous. They gather at nighttime parties (called, incedentally, 'raves'), partake of large quantities and varieties of recreational pharmaceuticals, and dance wildly (to very loud, very fast, very electronic music) until the sun comes up. At this point the glamour begins to falter; in the bright light of day, and after eight-to-ten hours of mad dancing, they aren't quite as attractive as they previously appeared. And so they vanish in a puff of glitter and cigarette smoke, leaving behind vast quantities of dog-ends and candy wrappers, and a warehouse owner who wonders what the hell just happened exactly, and how the footprints got on his ceiling.

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