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Great Stuff!!!!

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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

That's one of the best Entries I have read for a long time! It's informative, wellresearched, obviously based on personal experience and above all, incredibly funny!

And every single word is oh, so true ...


Great Stuff!!!!

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Mu Beta

Yeah, all credit to the author.

I originally volunteered to Sub this not only beacuse I was a harp player myself, but I nearly wet myself laughing the first time I read it.<biggrin?

The line about 'two accordions having sex' still makes me chuckle after having read it about twenty times.smiley - laugh

Although I will take credit for most of the footnotes.smiley - winkeye


A horror story in the making

Post 3

Bob McBob

Do we want everyone here to play the harmonica. Just think of it: eveyone in h2g2 playing badly (as they're learning) at once? Scary

A horror story in the making

Post 4

Mu Beta

Be easy to find each other at Meet-ups, though.smiley - biggrin


A horror story in the making

Post 5

rev. paperboy (god is an iron)

Ah my first real-live edited entry in the guide smiley - ale all round and many thanx for the kind words and to Mstr. B. for his fine sub-editing and footnotery smiley - smiley

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