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I'm writing this in response to an entry regarding the GI Joe action figures marketed in the US during my childhood. I wanted to link this somehow to the entry that I read, but I don't know how to do that. I've hunted around the guide for about 10 minutes, but nothing made any sense to me and kept referring me back to the FAQ page. Ah, Well. I wanted to remind everyone of the remarkable line of action figures that came out to compliment our stoic Joe. Some red-suited and silver helmeted guy, who's name may have been Bullethead or something joined the Joe line of toys sometime in the mid-70's. He also came with two arch-enemies who were filled with the same kind of stretchy material found in Stretch Armstrong (a competing action figure of the day). This bullet-headed guy and GI Joe developed a helicopter specifically designed to snag these dudes with a claw-like device at the nose of the 'copter. Joe also had Eagle-Eye Joe, an action figure with a hole in the back of his head which allowed you to view things through lenses fit in Joe's eye socket. It was fairly cool.

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Gi Joe - Toy Soldier

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