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Johnny Regular

As a lad who was born, raised, and continues to live in the Valley, I can say that the area here is the BEST AREA ON EARTH!!!
OK, I hear ya'll saying, "there's nothing to do here!", ah, but you are so wrong.
Firstly, the food. Wonderful, wonderful food. Little in the way of the hoity-toity crap other places (like the dastardly San Francisco) specialise in, but lot's of good Mexican and Chinese and Pho and BBQ and down home American cookeries. Having eaten at Mexican joints around the coutry, I have never found the equal of San Jose Taquerias. Mountain View has dozens of restuarants within a 5 minute walk, including some of the best Chinese of various styles. Great food, that is my second favourite thing about the Valley.
The First favourite, and only because I am an addict, is the movie theatres. Other point to LA and New York as the home of great movie theatres, but the Santa Clara Valley holds its own. The huge domes of the Century Theatres on Winchester are awesome, and the screens are huge and the sound systems are fantastic. For an example, in all of the city of Boston, there is no regular movie screen (Not counting those gimmicky IMAX beasts) 2/3 the size of the Century 21 Screen. Same goes for Chicago, Washington DC and Philly. There's a great art house scene with the Camera theatres and for fans of the films of yesteryear, there is the Stanford theatre in Palo Alto.
There is a night life scene in Downtown San Jose and Mountain View. There are Sharks games at the Arena. There are San Jose State and Santa Clara and Stanford sports. There are malls for shopping, a light rail service and more than a few museums (Including one about Computer History). Yeah, we're a valley of technology, but it's also a great place for those of us outside of the StartUp.Tech world, it's still a great place to live.

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Silicon Valley Rules!

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