A Conversation for Legends of British Wrestling

Vic Faulkner

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Can anyone tell me anything about him?

Vic Faulkner

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Researcher 229321

vic faulkner was a british wrestler go here to see him

vic faulkner

Vic Faulkner

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Saints 76

Try and tell what I can, which is not a lot. He was supposed to be the brother of Bert Royal. They fought as a Tag team known as the Royal Brothers, if my increasingly faulty memory serves me right. Their favourite move was to tie their opponents up in opposite corners, then 'body slam' them. Bert Royal was catch(?)weight champion at some stage. Vic had I think blonde hair. That's about all I can tell you sorry

Vic Faulkner

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Granny Weatherwax - ACE - Hells Belle, Mother-in-Law from the Pit - Haunting near you on Saturday

Vic was the 'grandmas favourite'. Blond & gentlemanly, he was forced to give up wrestling due to a back injury. I think he was from Yorkshire.

Vic Faulkner

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"The Fabulous Royals" were billed as being from Bolton and were said to be the sons of former British middleweight champ Vic Hessle. Bert Royal was British middleweight champ for many years, eventually losing it to Clayton Thompson I think. Vic, who didn't look very much like his brother was welterweight champ for a short while. The Royals used to be the goodies against opponents like The Dennisons, McManus & Logan, The Black Diamonds and the like. They almost always wore white trunks to indicate that they were the goodies and had a repertoire of classic moves including sitting in the middle of the ring practising rowing using their opponents legs as the oars ! They were the most popular tag team of the early to mid sixties.

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