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It is the story of achievement against impossible odds... And it proves something that I believed then and know now - there is nothing that can stop a group of men, regardless of race, creed, colour, or nationality, from achieving a goal once they agree as to what that goal is. The aftermath may be sheer, stark tragedy - that lies with the gods - but the point is, men working together can accomplish anything.
- George Harsh

I quote the first paragraph of the article, itself a quotation of Mr. Harsh. I have only fond memories of the movie, even of the motorcycle scene, and mean no disrespect to Mr. Harsh.

But as I read his words, I thought of something that filled me with sadness for I recalled a group of men of terrible purpose who set their minds to a goal and destroyed 3 planes, 2 buildings, part of another, and so many more lives.

Somehow Mr. Harsh's words could only make me think of Sept. 11. The men who did that unprecedented evil gave my govt. an excuse which has been used now to rally a nation's support for reigning down terror on the people of Iraq in the name of liberation.

"Men working together can accomplish anything." Doesn't give me much hope at the moment, even if one thing we could accomplish were peace, where is the will to overcome all this violence?

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