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Leons Online Ego

I agree that Seinfeld is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Few shows have had me gaffawing so loudly. So when it finally came to this country what did the BBC do? They tucked away this nugget of pure comic genius into a midnight slot on BBC2! Unbelievable.

At least that does mean that there are plently of 'virgin' Seinfelds out there I am yet to choke with laughter over, but when will I get to see them? If only they repeated it with the same frequency as Only Fools and Horses (which although is a great show, ain't a patch on Seinfeld)

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I couldn't agree with you more. One of the most absurd pieces of scheduling. Far too late. I think they should re-run the *whole* lot prime-time to cheer us all up a bit. I know loads of people who've never seen a single episode.
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Do you think if we get a petition together the BEEB might listen to us???smiley - biggrin

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Nah, they wouldn't... smiley - sadface

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Leons Online Ego

You're probably right. When have the BBC ever put something on 'due to popular demand'? I would love to get a reason from the schedulers as to their decision. It could replace Robot Wars - possibly the dullest show on Earth. Boxes on wheels bumping into eachother for half an hour.

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Oberon2001 (Scout)

They show it at a reasonable time on Paramount Comedy Channel if anyone's interested.
Wasn't the rules of the show "no hugging and no learning"?

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Researcher 224119

It only through the paramount channel that I have come to know and love the comedy genius of Seinfeld.
Most of my friends have never watched an episode and just ignore me when I try to urge them toward it. The fools don't know what they are missing.

It's difficult to pick a favourite episode out of so many good ones but I have to say that the soup nazi one was up there in the top three or so.

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I pity you people. I see it 2 times a day when I'm busy, three when I'm not and 5 on wednesday. Yes I have an unhealthy obsession, but it got me an EG article didn't it smiley - smiley

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