A Conversation for Veganism without Tears - an Intro to Adopting a Vegan Diet

I will consider becoming vegitarian...

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...when PETA goes away. Even Vegans are bothered by those people's methods right?

I will consider becoming vegitarian...

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I find Peta a bizarre mix of good and frankly embarrassing. On the one hand, they provide invaluable services such as an exhaustive listing of companies that provide vegan products and who does/doesn't test on animals, and on the other, they demand that the town of Hamburg, NY (named after a Mr Hamburg) change its name to VeggieBurg.

I chose my diet based on my own principles rather than relied on any organisation to either cease to exist or come into being, which I recommend - regardless of whether you go veggie, vegan, omnivore, or junk-foodie smiley - smiley

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I will consider becoming vegitarian...

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