A Conversation for Brass Instruments - Tuning and Harmonics

Well done

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Very good entry well done to all concerned .
Fsmiley - cheers

Well done

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*parp* smiley - laugh Just had to do it...

Nice one all smiley - smiley

Well done

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Lt. Thrace (formerly Death of Rats and Rodent like humans)

what a great entry! i have played the french horn for 8 years and i thought your entry was very interesting. great stuff smiley - ok

Well done

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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks everyone. Jeremy wrote most of it, but he's not around very often anymore, so he may not be here to thank you personally. Annie did the work of getting this into the guide and incorporating all the suggestions.smiley - ok

Well done

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Really interesting entry. I can play strings and keys and the mechanics behind them are pretty straight forward, but brass instruments have always been a bit of a mystery to me... a sad admission for a jazz buff.

Well done

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I like the facts to this article.

P.S. Who knew that the trombone is actually the easiest to tune?
(I knew in my second year.)

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