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Constructive use of Notice

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Trout Montague

How to constructively use your remaining work time while seeing out your notice in your present job.

The brown-nose thing to do is to write a shedful of handover notes. They need to be at once concise and comprehensive. It is a skill and art. But ensure you leave some crucial elements out, just so they realise how indispensable you were. This way, you show yourself to be professional to the last, an asset that will surely be missed. Best not to slam doors closed or burn your bridges ... you might be coming back one day.

Alternatively, and less sensibly but more satisfying, you should be on their www/phone looking for another job. They who sacked you expect that sort of behaviour.

Constructive use of Notice

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Wildman - I'm not really mad, I've just been in a very bad mood for 40 years!

One major drawback of redundancy in a large firm is that the job market in your area (both geographic and workwise) will likely become overcrowded. In my own case, not wishing to move out of the area, I decided to use the time to provide myself with an alternative means of earning money whilst waiting for a job that really suited me.

The choice for me was to study for a taxi-drivers license, reasoning that it would earn enough to keep me for a while and leave time during the day to search for other jobs.
As this was over ten years ago and I still haven't bothered to find anything else, perhaps something like this could be worth thinking about.smiley - biggrin

Constructive use of Notice

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Demon Drawer

I agree with the statements work your notice period look for another job. My last two job one sacked me the other I handed in notice without a job to go to to come to Scotland.

IN the first I worked my notice and got myself another job starting the Monday after the Friday my job finished. When I handed in my notice and came to Scotland I took all my accumualtive leave and ended getting my first days work in Scotland on what was by last day being employed in Northern Ireland.

However if the bosses lay you off by text on the day and are unable to give you pay from the last month you worked all this speaking about what to do is unnessesary and redundant itself.

Constructive use of Notice

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I was fortunate really as I spent most of my working life as a "subby" in the oil industry. This meant that I was never in one yard or rig for any length of time, it also meant being paid more. I received numerous reduntancy notices and in fact kept them to prove to future employers my "reason for leaving" so in that respect they came in handy! In some cases I was part of the management team and it used to sicken me to see grown men grovel and backstab in order to keep in good with the boss. Some of the people were not even good enough to be in the jobs they were holding down, this really annoyed me as I knew of plenty more capable blokes on the dole looking for work. I used to tell these people what I thought of them and had no time for them, I mean what could they do to me, sack me! yes I would like that.
I was never out of work for long as a subby, as we all helped each other out, and if you were capable and honest hard working, you would always find another subby would put in a word for you!
Them days are long gone now of the travelling subby, but they were good people and I would rather work with any of them than some of the sneaky rats that I had to put up with in their staff positions.
I lost 19 good mates in the oil industry, good men who died working to provide for theis families, men I knew from the old days of being a travelling subby, men who I will say even now, that I was proud to work with. Redundancy! to them was a joke, it meant they didnt need you any more, but they always found another company who did want us!

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